Charly Arnolt is famous for talking to wrestlers on WWE and sharing sports news on ESPN. People know her as Charly Caruso too. She’s really good at her job and lots of people like watching her. But, there’s a big question everyone is asking: “Is Charly Arnolt married? Who is her husband?” This is interesting because while Charly tells us lots about sports, she doesn’t talk much about her own life.

We’re going to find out if Charly is married. Also, we will look at the amazing work she does. We’ll learn how she talks to sports stars and shares news in a fun way. So, if you want to know about Charly’s secret husband and her cool job, you’re in the right place. Let’s start this adventure together!

Charly Arnolt’s Relationship Status and Dating History

Right now, Charly is not married. There have been some rumors, though. People once thought she might be dating Shawn Booth, who was on a TV show called “The Bachelor”. They were seen together a few times, which made people wonder. But Charly and Shawn never said they were dating, so no one knows for sure.

Before these rumors, some people thought Charly might be dating Seth Rollins, a wrestler. But again, this was just a guess and Charly didn’t confirm it.

Early Life and Career Achievements

Charly Arnolt's career

Charly Arnolt, who some people also call Charly Caruso, was born on July 14, 1987. After finishing high school at North Central High School, Charly went to American University. There, she studied really hard and learned a lot about broadcasting.

Then, Charly got a super cool job at WWE, which is all about wrestling. People knew her as Charly Caruso there. She started working there in 2016 and stayed until 2021. Charly was great at talking to wrestlers and telling the audience about the matches.

After her time at WWE, Charly went to work at ESPN in 2021. ESPN is a big deal because they show all kinds of sports on TV. Charly did a great job there too, talking about different sports and interviewing athletes. She was on shows like First Take and SportsCenter, which are really popular.

In 2023, Charly took another big step in her career. She joined OutKick, a new place where she could talk about sports and share news. She started hosting a show called “OutKick The Morning”. This showed everyone that Charly can do many different things and is always ready to try new stuff in her job.

Charly Arnolt’s Net Worth And Income Sources

Charly Arnolt’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $800,000. She earned this money by working in different jobs where she talks about sports.

Her first big job was at WWE, where she got paid for interviewing wrestlers and talking about wrestling matches. Then she worked at ESPN, a famous sports channel, where she also talked about different sports. These jobs paid her really well.

Charly also makes money from Instagram. Because lots of people follow her, companies sometimes pay her to talk about their stuff. And now, she works at OutKick, hosting her own show, which adds to her income.


Charly Arnolt keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. She’s not married, and although there were rumors about her dating Shawn Booth from “The Bachelor” and wrestler Seth Rollins, she never confirmed these relationships. Charly prefers to focus on her career in sports journalism rather than talk about her personal life. Speaking of her career, she has done quite well financially. Her net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $800,000, which she has earned through her successful roles in WWE, ESPN, and her current work at OutKick

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